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Chinese Investment in Residential Properties on Oahu

Passion among Chinese investors for acquiring foreign properties has been on the upswing in recent years. Currently, Chinese investors represent a small segment of the O‘ahu real estate market. However, increasing transactions involving Chinese investors, as well as their penchant for purchasing luxury properties, are receiving more and more attention.

Investing in Real Estate

The Ultimate Surfers Guide to Living in Oahu

Surf to Live, Live to Surf

surf guide oahu

Welcome Home

Every surfer worth his weight in wax has dreamed about owning property in Hawaii.  Whether it's a vacation home for surfing excursions or a full-time residence to leave the mainland behind, surfers far and wide come to Hawaii for the incredible waves and Aloha spirit.  Your problems, anxieties, and worries disappear the second you paddle out (unless you're surfing the 10 ft.+ bombs at Pipeline). 

Investing in Real Estate

What Chinese Investors Need to Know When Buying Property in Hawaii

There are now more direct flights to Hawaii from Shanghai and Beijing than ever before. That means we should expect more visitors and investors from China. Thankfully, the local tour guides always show the Chinese visitors around our beautiful island, often driving through Kahala and Hawaii Loa Ridge. For some financially qualified tourists, this creates a desire to invest in real estate outside of China.

Why Hawaii?

The sunny skies, the clean air and the pure water are the most attractive elements, and now that there are nine-hour direct flights going back and forth between Hawaii and China the geographic location is very appealing! Hawaii is ideally located between Asia and the U. S. mainland.

My most recent clients are a family from China that purchased a beautiful oceanfront home in Makaha. To them, their island beach house is the perfect setting for entertaining family from China; they just recently had family members come from China to celebrate Chinese New Year in Hawaii. 

Since many of my clients are from China, and are making their first real estate purchase in the U.S. I’m often asked the same question, “What type of visa, if any, are required by Chinese investors to purchase property in the U.S.?”

The answer is simple, you don’t need a special visa, only a valid passport to purchase property in the U.S. However, when you sell, you need to know about FIRPTA and HARPTA. See my notes below on both of these Tax Acts.