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Owning a home in Hawaii offers distinct advantages to members of the military. Locations’ experienced military experts will show you how to use housing allowance (BAH) and access Veterans Affairs (VA) loans to purchase a home that fits your circumstances.

1. Financing & Benefits

Owning vs. Renting

There are many advantages of Owning vs. renting on Oahu, especially for the Military.

VA Loans

VA Loans provide a great opportunity for military members in Hawaii. Locations military specialists break down the benefits.

Why you Should Own a Home in Paradise

Advice from somebody who's been there. See how owning in Hawaii helped this military member turned Realtor.

2. Relocation

Military Relocation Guide

A step-by-step guide for military personnel relocating from the mainland.

Animal Quarantine Information

How to get your pets to Hawaii safely and legally

Choosing a Neighborhood

What neighborhood is best for you? Depends on where you're stationed.

BAH Allowances

Your monthly BAH allowance determines how much house you can afford