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How Do I Move my Pets to Hawaii?

How to move your pets to Hawaii safely and legally.

Animal Quarantine Information

Hawaii.gov Includes the steps to get your animal here on island safe and sound. You need to start 120 days out from arrival for them to be directly released to you. If you are inside the 120 day mark your animal will be required to be boarded until they are cleared. This is an additional cost but may be reimbursed. The best thing to do is start early!

5 Days or Less Program

The "5 Days or Less" program allows you to bring your pet home usually within an hour of arriving at the airport.  You need to plan about 4 months in advance and pay a small fee but the process isn't too involved and definitely worth it.  Follow the link below for a checklist on how to qualify.  

How to Qualify for the "5 Days or Less" Program

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