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Finding Pet-Friendly Housing

If you'll be moving to Hawaii with your pet, you'll want to be sure that you do homework before purchasing or renting a condominium. 

Locations teamed up with the Hawaiian Humane Society to provide Oahu pet owners a go-to resource for pet-friendly condos. Moving to or around Oahu with pets can be a challenge. Even though more than 60% of Oahu residents own pets, many buildings are not pet friendly.

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What Makes a Condo Pet Friendly?

It's important to note that there's a difference between buildings that merely allow pets and those that are designated as pet friendly. A pet-friendly building will allow most types of pets, and will have building rules and amenities to make pets and their owners comfortable. A building that allows pets, but is not pet friendly, will allow pets inside but will have building rules that may include:

Restrictions on Breed, Size or Number of Pets Allowed 

  • Some buildings won't allow pets heavier than 10 lbs.  
  • Many buildings will not allow pit bulls or other breeds that have been deemed "dangerous" 
  • Some buildings may allow only one pet 

Condominium Rules and Regulations

  • Some buildings may have rules such as, "Dogs may not walk on lobby floors" to avoid owners of larger breeds of dogs.
  • Some buildings may allow pets to use the service elevator only. 

Be sure to do your research well in advance of your relocation, and read about the animal quarantine process.