There is information that only you know the answers to, which is crucial when it comes to helping your agent lead you through a smooth transaction. The earlier you share the following pieces of information with your agent, the smoother your transaction will go.  

Who is on title and/or who are the decision-makers involved?

Having all parties be a part of the process and on the same page is essential for a smooth transaction. Everyone on title needs to agree on what is in the contract, so it's essential that all parties are involved early and often.  It's also important to note when everybody involved in the transaction will be available to sign contracts, paperwork, and offers.  Many of these documents are time sensitive, and you'll want to know if any of the parties will be off island, if they be back in time for closing, and if they have internet access to sign some of the documents electronically if needed.

What factors may affect your sale and the timing of it?

What are your plans for after the sale? It will help your agent to know if there is a 1031 Exchange at hand, or a pending move out of the area, or the need to incorporate terms in your contract that would allow you to have time to select a replacement property.

What are the unique features of the property?

Is there any interesting history or nearby notable sites? This will help your agent shape your marketing plan and promote features of the home, area, or amenities that may not be noticeable from first glance.

Are there any negative items about the property and its condition?

Are there any prohibited items that need to be resolved? If it's a condo, what are the rules about pets and are there any issues with litigation, assessments, maintenance fee increases, etc.? Are you open to "dressing up" the property or making repairs in preparation for selling? Knowing these items helps your agent handle potential objections before they arise and help to best prepare your property for sale.

What is your main interest or concern about how your property is represented or sold?

This will let your agent know which specific marketing efforts you want to have in the marketing plan, your concerns on pricing, and also how you want to be communicated with and how often. 

What are the tax consequences?

There are many different factors such as citizenship and residency that play a major role in how much your home sale will cost you in taxes.  Talk to your Locations agent who can refer you to trusted, trained professionals.  If you are not a Hawaii resident, talk with your agent and escrow ahead of time so you can anticipate the various tax withholdings that may occur.

Talk to your Locations Agent

Your Locations agent will help you set the right price, market the home professionally, qualify the buyers, and expertly negotiate and finalize the sale of your home. As a full service brokerage, Locations will provide assistance on every aspect of selling your home, from appraisals to recommendations on the best general contractors.