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Living the Dream: Buying and Selling a Vacation Home in Waikiki

A Vacation Home in Waikiki

Many people dream of owning a vacation home in Hawaii.  My clients, Don and Dorothy Hobbs did just that - 27 years ago.  Don retired from his job with Pacific Bell in Seattle back in 1986 when he turned 60 and they came to Hawaii to purchase a condo in Waikiki.  Every year since then they have come for 6 months during the winter months and enjoyed staying in their small but comfortable 1-bdrm unit in Waikiki in a building called 444 Nahua.

Enjoying Retired Life

They have truly enjoyed living here on the island.  In the early years they were really active, playing golf, scuba diving and enjoying all that Hawaii has to offer.  In the last few years they have slowed down a bit and don't do all those activities as often as they used to but they still enjoy their regular walk along the Ala Wai Canal and cooking gourmet meals in their unit.

Investing in Real Estate

Choosing Your First Investment Property

Choosing the right real estate investment property isn’t rocket science but it isn’t a simple equation, either. Approaching it with thoughtful consideration and enlisting the expertise of a real estate professional can help you find the right first property for you. Here are steps to help you meet your goals.