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From the Desk of Bill Chee

A Big Announcement from Prudential Locations

We are pleased to share some exciting news that marks a new era for our company: we have decided to change our name back to Locations LLC. The new Locations will continue to operate as a multi-faceted real estate company, and will no longer be affiliated with Prudential Financial, Inc. This decision enables us to return to the much-beloved name that catapulted our company to become Hawai‘i’s best and largest real estate firm.

Locations Foundation

Locations Foundations Serves Up Cotton Candy at Family Program's Holiday Party

Giant puffs of blue, orange and pink ‘delights’ attracted the children of all ages, as three cotton candy machines spun full throttle all day to meet the long lines of anticipation! The activities generated heartwarming feelings as happy children and adults grasped their ‘sweet’ cotton candy from the Locations Foundation volunteers during Sunday's Project Visitation event.