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Finding Pet Friendly Neighborhoods on Oahu

Find a pet friendly neighborhood in Hawaii!As if worrying about being close to work, schools, the beach or the golf course isn’t enough when shopping for a new place to live, don’t forget about the family pet. Just how suitable will your new digs be for your four-legged friends?

If dogs could talk, they might tell you their wish-list would include being close to the dog park but far away from the vet, a big yard, lots of trees, a sun deck, no cars, and thick wall-to-wall shag carpeting (to roll around on).    Granted, some of these items may not make it to the top of your list, but there is some common ground where humans and their pets can agree on what makes the perfect home.

Map of Pet Friendly Beaches and Dog Parks on Oahu

Hint: you can click on the colored areas to see the names of the dog parks and beaches, scroll in to see more detailed views.

Green=Pets Allowed!
Orange=Pets allowed, with some restrictions - hover over to read the restriction
Grey= No pets allowed

View Oahu Dog Parks and Dog Friendly Beaches in a larger map

Finding a home that allows pets - some do , some don't

On Oahu, more than 60 percent of households have pets — 43 percent own dogs — totaling 300,000 pet family members on the island.

But while dog walkers are a part of just about every Oahu neighborhood, not everyone is wagging their tails when it comes to our furry family members. Some homeowners associations simply don’t allow pets at all or limit pets to a certain size.

In fact some condo buildings, like the Allure Waikiki, actually cater to dog owners with a private dog park on the property. Fenced dog parks are popular gathering places in Mililani, Diamond Head, Salt Lake, Hawaii Kai and at the Hawaiian Humane Society in Moiliili. Dog lovers live in those communities just to be within walking distance of a bark park.  Ask around — the vet, the folks you meet in Bark Park, or canvas property management companies for other pet-friendly recommendations.  

When people sell their condo on the MLS, there is a place they can mark it as "pet friendly" and you can search for pet friendly condos only here. (Note: you must select "Oahu" then "Condo" as the property type to use this filter.)

The Hawaii Humane center has a section for owners to list pet friendly rentals here.

Finding a home your pet likes

Finally, while most pets are robust enough to easily adapt to a new environment, some are not. If your pet is the sensitive type, it may be worthwhile to visit perspective properties with your pet, with the owner’s permission of course. Bring a favorite toy or a treat and be encouraging — see how well the pet adapts.

Pets need space, and the bigger and more active your pet the bigger space they need. A Chihuahua might be quite comfortable in a small studio but a Great Dane, not so much. Big dogs may really need a single-family home with a yard. But for a less expensive alternative, a suitable substitute might be a place near a dog park.   Durable building materials and accessories are recommended, for example, to ensure that Marmaduke won’t scratch those expensive hardwood floors or Hello Kitty won’t climb up your new silk drapes.

Remember, dogs love their routines. If you can keep some of your routines the same, don’t get too stressed yourself (dogs take their cues from you and are stressed if you’re stressed) and give them lots of reassurance, your dog will soon adjust to the new environment without too much trouble. If dogs could talk they would tell us to quit worrying.