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Mililani Micro-Neighborhoods: Don't be Fooled by the 'Big' Numbers

"Micro-Neighborhoods" are distinct areas

Oahu has more than 300 "official" neighborhoods, but more than 10,000 micro-neighborhoods. Mililani, for example, is one Multiple Listing Service (MLS) neighborhood - but when our Locations Neighborhoods Experts look at Mililani, they see more than 70 micro-neighborhoods.

How micro-neighborhoods are defined

Even in a homogeneous neighborhood like Mililani, Locations experts found variations in home values from micro-neighborhood to micro-neighborhood. Just some of the factors that go into defining a micro-neighborhood include:

  • Ocean, mountain or preservation land views
  • Proximity to a golf course or conservation land 
  • Width of streets and presence of sidewalks
  • Home style, size and builder

Know your micro-neighborhood

If you're planning to buy or sell a home on Oahu, you'll want to make sure you and your agent understand what's happening down to the micro-neighborhood level - the difference in home values might surprise you. In today's market, proper pricing is key. When comparing your home (or the home you'd like to own) to other homes that were recently sold in the neighborhood, be sure consider the property's micro-neighborhood, too. 

Even homes that are across the street from one another can have large differences in price; knowing the home values specific to that street could help sellers to net more and buyers to avoid over-paying.