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What Does it Cost to Live Oceanfront on Oahu?

Dreaming of a home next to the ocean? While many oceanfront homes in Hawaii can cost upwards of $5 million or more, there are still relative bargains to be had--some even less than $1 million--if you're flexible on location.


According to Locations CEO Scott Higashi, the price of oceanfront homes on Oahu varies significantly based on which parts of the island you’re looking at; of course, the size, condition and amenities of the property itself also contribute to the cost. Sandy ocean frontage will command a greater price than rocky, too.

What Else Should I Consider When Looking at Oceanfront Property?

If you're considering purchasing oceanfront property, be sure to talk to your agent about the additional insurance and maintenance costs associated with homes by the ocean. You'll also want to consider issues of privacy and traffic: Is a secluded, quiet beach your top priority, or is the beauty of popular Lanikai in your backyard worth dealing with additional traffic?

There are many factors to consider when looking at oceanfront property, and you'll need to be patient, as these properties do not turn over as quickly as inland properties, but for many, falling asleep to the sounds of the ocean outside your bedroom window is priceless.

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