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Locations Foundation and Surfers Healing Bring Joy to Children with Autism

On a sunny November Saturday in Waikiki, the Locations Foundation partnered with the non-profit organization Surfers Healing to offer a memorable experience to children with autism spectrum disorder. This annual event, which the Foundation has supported for many years, brings surf instructors and volunteers together to introduce these children to the soothing and transformative power of riding the waves.

Led by Locations Realtor-Associate and Foundation advisory board member Devin Minardi, along with Realtor-Associate Moses Paskowitz, whose brother founded Surfer’s Healing, a dedicated team of Foundation volunteers helped to support this special event for hundreds of participants and volunteers.

"Amidst the waves, I felt humbled by the strength of these incredible families. Handing out bottled water was about more than providing hydration; it was about providing support and connection," said Devin. "Canoe surfing together, I witnessed the keikis' joy riding the waves, embodying the strength and camaraderie embraced by Surfers Healing," he added.

In addition to Devin and Moses, the following Locations Foundation volunteers also contributed their time and efforts to make the day truly special for the participants and their families: Becky Inouye, Cameron Black, Chaden Morisato, Crystal Chang, Dan Padua, Gavin Baer, Janelle Duldulao, Nancy Nguyen and Shirley Mercado.

Surfers Healing was established in 1996 by Daniele and Izzy Paskowitz, part of the legendary Paskowitz surfing family, after they discovered the therapeutic effects of surfing on their son, Isaiah, who has autism. What began as a personal journey blossomed into a movement that positively affects thousands of children with autism each year, allowing them to revel in the sheer joy of surfing. The organization offers free surf camps for children with autism across the country, from San Diego to Rhode Island, and even Mexico and Puerto Rico. 

According to the CDC, one in 68 children in the United States has autism spectrum disorder. The significance of events like Surfers Healing day camps to these children and their families cannot be overstated, providing a much-needed day of acceptance, respite and, of course, fun!

The Locations Foundation is dedicated to supporting initiatives that enrich the lives of children and families in need across our community. Collaborating with Surfers Healing allows us to further our commitment toward fostering a more inclusive and supportive society for all.