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Can I Afford a Beachfront Home in Hawaii?

Who hasn't dreamed of waking up to the sound of waves crashing against the shore, with a panoramic view of the ocean right from their window? For many, this dream sums up the allure of owning a beachfront home in Hawaii, and the island of Oahu boasts some of the most picturesque shoreline properties. But before diving headfirst into this idyllic vision, it's important to address one burning question: Can I afford it?


2018 Kahala Neighborhood Update

Locations hosted its third annual Kahala Neighborhood Market Update at Waialae Country Club in June 2018. The event, which featured guest speaker economist Sumner La Croix, also included a social reception for neighbors and REALTORS to talk story and learn about current trends in Kahala's real estate market.


Oahu's Top 10 Most Expensive Homes

Oahu boasts some of the world's finest homes--and some of the world's heftiest homes prices. We've rounded up the top 10 most expensive homes currently for sale in Honolulu so you can see how the ultra-rich and famous live. Hey, it doesn't hurt to dream, right?