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Buyers' Guide to Visiting Your First Open House

Calling all first-time homebuyers! Navigating the buyers scene in this competitive Oahu market can be very tricky. Of course to get the best results you must work with an experienced Locations real estate agent like myself, but if you’re new to the home buying scene you may want to get your feet wet and do some open house window shopping on your own. Here is the Buyers Guide to Visiting Your First Open House.


Read How Honolulu Real Estate got so Expensive

When median prices are $742,000 for Single Family Homes (SFHs) and $385,000 for condos, you start to wonder how Honolulu Real Estate got so expensive.  At Locations, we provide comprehensive monthly market reports on real estate trends which show that median prices are high. What you may not know is we also analyze the reasons why it has changed so dramatically over time.