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Help for Homeowners Affected by Coronavirus Crisis

As the coronavirus crisis has intensified, I've had many friends and clients come to me with questions and concerns about how they can apply for assistance, leverage their home's value and talk to tenants who may be struggling right now. My first message to these friends and clients: Don't panic.


7 Habits of Highly Effective Real Estate Agents

Stephen R. Covey's "7 Habits of Highly Effective People" has helped countless people re-engineer their way of thinking and find new ways to approach their personal and professional lives.  Inspired by his book, I wanted to provide homebuyers and sellers with 7 habits tailored to real estate agents that will help them identify those who embody the best of the industry.

I encourage you to keep these values in mind when selecting and working with your agent.  Some of them may seem like obvious suggestions, but there are 5,000+ REALTORS on the island of Oahu who all possess very different levels of professionalism and values.