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Military Transfer – Should You Buy a Home?

Military transfers to Hawaii are common. Many clients I work with are military families – some are stationed here, buy a home, and stay; and others arrive, buy a home and are transferred a few years later. So is it worth it to buy a home if you’re only going to be stationed on Oahu for a few years? Absolutely!

A great example is Mr. Howard, a meteorology and oceanography officer in the Navy. In 2010, he moved to Hawaii from Japan with his wife and their three children. He contacted me during his house-hunting trip and we talked about areas, neighborhoods and his family’s wish list. This was their first time buying a home and it was very important to them that they find a home large enough, in a pet-friendly neighborhood with good schools, convenient bus transportation, and hopefully a good view. Mr. Howard explained to me that although Navy housing on Oahu is extremely nice, he felt they were too sterile, with no views or local flavor. From his experience, he found when a family takes Navy housing, the contractor uses the Servicemember’s entire allowance. And when the servicemember earns a promotion, the contractor raises the rent to match.

We spent the first two days looking through the newer neighborhoods in Ewa and Kapolei. We found a few homes that he liked, but nothing felt just right for his family. He preferred older communities with more Hawaiian character. So I suggested we look at homes in Makakilo, a unique and established neighborhood on the southern end of the slopes of the Waianae Mountains, above Kapolei.

One of the lagoons at the Ko Olina Resort - Minutes away from Makakilo.


Ko Olina – Perfect Weather Leads to The Perfect Home!

Back in early 2010, my clients were searching diligently for the perfect location for their next home – they researched Phoenix and Florida, but ultimately decided on Hawaii.

Why? Because the weather is perfect here!

They are very active people interested in buying a home where outdoor activities are easily accessible. They love to walk and swim every day and needed a location that emphasized that lifestyle.

I suggested we look at homes in Ko Olina with its two miles of white sandy beaches, four lagoons connected by over a mile and a half of seaside paths, a marina and private roadways with bike and golf paths. Ko Olina also has a challenging 18-hole Ted Robinson-designed golf course, sports fishing charters, and snorkel and dolphin adventures. It seemed like a perfect fit for their needs. 

We spent time walking around the area, touring the grounds, the paths, shops and beaches. They fell in love with calm water of the Ko Olina lagoons and decided this is where they wanted to live.

Green Sea Turtle (Honu) sightings are plentiful in the waters at Ko Olina