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Clarifying the Steps for Condominium Property Regime (CPR) Approval - Part I of III

First, I’d like to say thanks for the great response on the article Maximizing your Property Value with a CPR published earlier this year; I’m always happy and willing to do any research that’s needed to help clarify the world of CPRs.

As previously mentioned, CPR properties are units, like an apartment unit, only they exist on land, and while these units may be within a much larger lot in an actual subdivision, they are not lots and cannot be subdivided further. A CPR property can be a high rise complex, a luxury oceanfront residential condo or simply two homes on one lot.

There are many different types of CPRs and this creates just as many uses, so I’d like to focus on answering some of the more popular questions and concerns.

Basic Steps for a CPR Development

There have been many questions about the development of a CPR. it's best to think of the CPR process as two parts.


Maunawili Neighborhood – A Quiet, Sleepy Hawaiian Town Beckons

If you’re looking for peaceful evening walks around the neighborhood and the occasional rain to keep your garden green and lush, then Maunawili is your cup of tea.

Located on the Windward side of Oahu, nestled between the Olomana and Koolau mountains, and steeped with Hawaiian legend and history, this closely-knit community has a reputation for its quiet demeanor and cooler climate. 

Maunawili - Oomana and Koolau Mountains

Locations Foundation

Locations Foundation and Hawaii 3R's Work Together at Moanalua High School

A big mahalo to all the volunteers who helped on Saturday, September 28th, giving the parking lot at Moanalua High School some much needed curb appeal. It's always amazing to me how we can pull together as a team, converge upon a school, and leave it looking great! We transformed the parking lot into a work of art!

I joined about 50 other volunteers on Saturday morning restriping the lot with some fresh, new paint; the work project is in conjuction with Hawaii 3R's (the R's stand for repair, remodel and restore our schools). This is the 13th time that the Locations Foundation, supported by Prudential Locations, LLC, has partnered with Hawaii 3R's to provide volunteer services to Hawaii public schools in need.

Special mahalo to all the volunteers from Prudential Locations, Wells Fargo and Hawaii 3R's!

The Locations Foundation, is the not-for-profit arm of Prudential Locations, Hawaii’s largest locally-owned and operated real estate agency. With more than 200 active volunteers, all Foundation members are real estate agents and staff members at Prudential Locations and its affiliates, who allot a percentage of their annual income to the organization.

The Locations Foundation provides more than 2,000 volunteer hours each year to support community service projects.

Locations Foundation Moanalua High School

Pictured left - right: Marshall C. Mower and Linda Chu Takayama, Hawaii 3R's Board Secretary