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Prudential Locations 42nd Annual Awards Banquet

On February 2, 2012 Prudential Locations celebrated their 42nd year in business at the Halekulani Hotel.  Over 200 awards were presented to honor the agents and their accomplishments in sales, client service, and in the community through the Locations Foundation. 

The theme of this year’s awards banquet was “Pirates of Prudential.” The agents, managers, and staff all celebrated in the piratey theme.  The banquet began with this very special and fun video starring some of the hustling Pirates of Prudential.



Investing in Real Estate

Building Long Term Wealth Through Real Estate on Oahu

Homeownership is the easiest way to build long-term wealth.

  • When you are paying a mortgage, each month you are paying towards long-term wealth. 
  • When you pay rent, you pay your landlord. This money could be paying down a mortgage to create equity in a home over the long term.
  • It is very difficult to earn as much money and save it over time, as it is to purchase a house and let the value go up over time.