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Rent Accumulation Calculator

Discover the true cost of renting someone else’s home instead of buying your own.

How much have you spent on someone else’s mortgage?

I am payingin rent.

Click and drag the slider to see how your rent adds up


This money could have been working for you.

Your Rent Check is Just the Beginning.

Add your monthly rent payment to the amount of interest you would have earned if your money had been invested.

Now your financial picture is even clearer.

Buying vs. Renting

Buying vs. Renting

A significant tax write-off

No tax write-off

Housing expense may remain stable

Rent can increase at any time

Enjoy (and change or decorate) your home as you see fit

Permission required to make any changes

Build equity as your home value appreciates

Zero equity—your money is now in someone else’s pocket

You are your own landlord

Someone else controls your home

A home—not a house

Temporary living situation, often subject to landlord whims

Start Investing in Your Future