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Military Relocation Guide for Oahu, Hawaii

  1. 1. Video - VA Loan, Tax Benefits, Next Steps and more
  2. 2. Map of Military Bases on Oahu
  3. 3. List of Neighborhoods near Oahu Military bases
  4. 4. Public Schools serving Military bases
  5. 5. Animal Quarantine Info
  6. 6. BAH Chart for Oahu
  7. 7. BAH Chart for Maui
  8. 8. COLA and BAH calculator
  9. 9. VA loan Info
  10. 10. TLA Temporary Lodging Allowance Rates and Approved Lodging

There are many advantages to buying a home in Hawaii if you are in the military and moving to Hawaii. These advantages include using your BAH to buy a home (See our BAH renting vs. buying chart), and easy access to VA loans.

Video: VA Loans, Tax Benefits, Next Steps and more

Watch the video below to get valuable information for how you can be a homeowner in Hawaii. Our Locations team has extensive experience working with the military to help you navigate the process to ownership, and are ready to help.

Topics included in video are below - please go to these markers for specific topics:

  • VA Loan
  • Hawaii Market - time 16:21
  • Interest Rates - time 36:05
  • Tax Benefits of Ownership - time 42:53
  • Mortgage Credit Certificate - time 44:10
  • Where do I Start - time 52:40
  • Military Team - time 56:02

New Search Tool!

You can search for homes within 1-15 miles of any military base on Oahu with our Proximity search tool!
Soldier searching for properties near his base in Hawaii

If you are an active Armed Service member moving to Oahu, you will need to figure out where you want to live on the island. 

To aid in your property search we have created the map below which highlights the 8 major military installations on Oahu that you might be stationed or work at: Camp Smith, Fort Shafter, Hickam AFB, Kaneohe Bay MC Base, Pearl Harbor Naval Complex, Schofield Barracks, and Tripler Army Medical Center.

Below the map we have included an easy reference guide which includes information about specific neighborhoods that are near each military base, and the approximate distance from the base to the specific neighborhood. We hope this feauture helps you to familiarize yourself with the island as a whole, as well as narrow down your property search to the areas that will fit your needs best.

Map of Military Bases On Oahu

Hint: You can click on the colored areas to see the names of the bases, and scroll in to see more detailed neighborhood views.

Click to View Larger Map

Public Schools Serving Military Bases Guide, From the Department of Education

Below is a list of Military Bases on Oahu and a short list of close neighborhoods. 

Camp Smith

Aiea – 0 miles
Waipahu -  4 miles
Pearl City – 6 miles
Waimalu – 1 miles
Millilani – 8 miles
Downtown Honolulu – 9 miles
Waikiki – 9 miles

Wheeler and Schofield Barracks

Haleiwa – 5 miles
Wahiawa – 1 mile
Millilani – 4 miles
Waialua – 5 miles
Whitmore Village – 2 miles
Waipio – 9 miles

Pearl Harbor

Pearl City – 1 mile
Waipahu – 2 miles
Aiea – 2.5 miles
Waipio – 2 miles

Hickam Airforce Base

Ewa Beach – 5 Miles
Halawa – 3 miles
Aiea – 3 miles
Waipahu - 5 miles
Honolulu - 9 miles

Barbers Point
Naval Air Station

Kapolei – 1 mile
Ko Olina – 1 mile
Ewa Beach – 2 miles
Waipahu – 6 miles
Makakilo – 2 miles

Lualualei Naval Reservation

Makaha – 4 miles
Mail’i – 1 mile
Nanakuli – 2 miles
Ko olina – 8 miles
Salt Lake

Kaneohe Marine Corp Air Station

Kaneohe – 3 miles
Kailua – 3 miles
Honolulu – 10 miles
Salt Lake


Halawa – 2 miles
Aiea – 3 miles
Pearl City 6 miles
Salt Lake - 2 Miles

Fort Shafter

Kalihi – 1 mile
Salt Lake - 1 mile


Animal Quarantine Information Includes the steps to get your animal here on island safe and sound. You need to start 120 days out from arrival for them to be directly released to you. If you are inside the 120 day mark your animal will be required to be boarded until they are cleared. This is an additional cost but may be reimbursed. The best thing to do is start early!


Buying vs. Renting: 2015 BAH Chart for Oahu

Below is a chart that shows how much housing allowance by rank you might be spending on rent that could be invested in a home.

2015 BAH Rate Chart for Oahu


Buying vs. Renting: 2015 BAH Chart for Maui

Below is a chart that shows how much housing allowance by rank you might be spending on rent that could be invested in a home.

2015 BAH Rate Chart for Maui Direct link to the military's website to calculate your COLA as well as BAH.


VA Loans

If you are in the military, chances are you are eligible for a VA loan. Below are some advantages to VA Loans.

    • No down payment on sale prices up to $721,050
    • Entire down payment and closing costs, etc. may be gifted or paid by the seller.
    • The current VA maximum loan limit is $1,000,000.
    • No mortgage insurance
    • No pre-payment penalty.
    • Loans are assumable
    • Financial counseling provided by VA.


Includes veterans who served in the military for a minimum of 90 days during wartime or 181 days of continuous active duty during peacetime periods before 9/7/80; or 2 years between 9/8/80 and the present and received an honorable discharge. Reservists who have completed 6 years of duty may be eligible (temporary until 10/28/99). Note: certain service, discharge, and/or survivor benefits may affect eligibility.

TLA Temporary Lodging Allowance Rates and Approved Lodging Temporary TLA rates and list of approved hotels.

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