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Guide to Pearl City Real Estate

Pearl City, a gem nestled on the island of Oahu in Hawaii, is a city that exudes local culture, and charm. Known for its views of Pearl Harbor, central location, parks, businesses and malls, Pearl City is a place that captivates many locals.

Pearl City, as defined by MLS, stretches from the Pearl City Peninsula in the middle of east and middle Loch (which is military housing and property), all the way to the top of Komo Mai Drive, which ends at the Manana Ridge Trail. ​Pearl City is one MLS neighborhood, but can be further subdivided to 17 distinct micro-neighborhoods. These neighborhoods include Aiea, Aiea Heights, Foster Village, Halawa, Manana, "Military", Momilani, "Navy/Federal," Newtown, Pacific Palisades, Lower Pearl City, Upper Pearl City, Pearlridge, Royal Summit, Waiau, Wailuna, and Waimalu.

  • Pearl City's central location makes it a very convenient location, with proximity to Downtown Honolulu, as well as Kapolei, with its ever-growing development of shops, malls​ and eateries, make Pearl City an ideal location for residents wanting equal access to all parts of Oahu. 
  • Higher-elevation and rim lots along the ridges and upper slopes offer scenic views, reduced traffic and cooler temperatures. Views depend upon elevation, topography and view channels.
  • Overhead/underground electric are both present.

Lifestyle and Attractions

  • Pearlridge Shopping Center
  • Pearl Kai Shopping Center
  • Aiea Bowl, one of the most popular bowling alleys on Oahu, is very popular with locals and food aficiandos. This busy bowling alley hosts many bowling clubs, birthday parties and food-tasting events. It is well-known for excellent food.
  • Manana Ridge Trail is a popular hiking trail at the end of Komo Mai Drive. This trail treks through the Koolau Mountain range and has two​ water falls along its path (Waimano & Manana Falls). At the end of the trail, one can see Chinaman's Hat and a large portion of the Windward Side of the island. At the higher elevations, one may even be lucky and find local raspberries that thrive in the cooler environment. 
  • Although not located in Pearl City, Pearl Country Club is a popular golf course located due east of Pearl City. It is one of the few public courses located close to Downtown Honolulu (the other being Ala Wai).

Diverse Property Types in Pearl City

Pearl City/Aiea is a blend of long-standing, single family homes accommodating multi-generational families, as well as rising towers of concrete condos housing a new generation.

Suburban Homes

For those who prefer a quieter and more suburban lifestyle, Pearl City also offers a variety of suburban homes. These homes are typically nestled in tranquil neighborhoods, offering residents a sense of community and belonging. The streets are well-maintained, lined with lush greenery, and the homes often feature spacious yards, perfect for children to play or for hosting family barbecues.

In addition to the peaceful environment, these suburban homes also offer easy access to parks, recreational facilities, and the beaches of Oahu are just a short 15 minute drive in any direction. This makes them ideal for families or individuals who value a peaceful, family-friendly environment. Living in these homes, you can enjoy the best of both worlds - the serenity of suburban living and the convenience of city amenities.


For those who prefer a low-maintenance lifestyle, Pearl City offers a huge range of condominiums. These properties offer amenities such as swimming pools, fitness centers, and 24-hour security, providing residents with a comfortable and hassle-free lifestyle.

Condominiums in Pearl City are often strategically located in convenient locations, close to shopping centers like the Pearlridge Mall or Pearl Center, restaurants, public transportation like the rail, and the H2 freeway. This makes them perfect for busy professionals who need easy access to their workplaces or retirees who want to enjoy a hassle-free lifestyle. With the convenience of city living and the comfort of modern amenities, condominium living in Pearl City is an attractive option for many.

The Housing Market in Pearl City

The housing market in Pearl City has been experiencing steady growth in recent years. The demand for real estate in Pearl City is driven by several factors, including its central location on Oahu, abundance of housing and businesses, and high quality of life.

Rising Property Values

One of the key indicators of a healthy housing market is rising property values. In Pearl City, property values have been steadily increasing over the past few years. This is good news for homeowners and real estate investors, as it indicates a strong and stable market.

Low Inventory

Another factor contributing to  Pearl City real estate is the low inventory of available properties. With a limited supply of homes on the market, the competition among buyers is high. This has led to a seller's market, where sellers have the advantage in negotiations. 

For homeowners looking to sell their properties, this is a favorable situation as it often results in higher selling prices. It also means that properties on the market are likely to sell quickly, reducing the time and effort required to sell a home. This low inventory, coupled with high demand, adds to the allure of Pearl City real estate.

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Recently Sold

  • Sold on 5/16/2024 for $1,200,000 99-416 Kekoa Place 5 Bd | 2 Ba | 1,712 sqft
  • Sold on 5/16/2024 for $1,010,000 98-1970 Kaahumanu Street, 136J 3 Bd | 2 Ba | 1,050 sqft
  • Sold on 5/15/2024 for $560,000 98-1390 Koaheahe Place, 147 2 Bd | 2 Ba | 926 sqft
  • Sold on 5/15/2024 for $480,000 98-340 Koauka Loop, 119 3 Bd | 2 Ba | 1,056 sqft
  • Sold on 5/15/2024 for $1,310,000 1418 Haloa Drive 4 Bd | 3 Ba | 2,884 sqft
  • Sold on 5/15/2024 for $1,730,000 98-2020 Kikala Street 5 Bd | 4 Ba | 4,452 sqft
  • Sold on 5/14/2024 for $635,000 98-607 Kilinoe Street, 8F2 2 Bd | 2 Ba | 947 sqft
  • Sold on 5/14/2024 for $825,000 2356 Komo Mai Drive 3 Bd | 1 Ba | 1,200 sqft
  • Sold on 5/14/2024 for $1,085,000 809 Hoomoana Street 3 Bd | 2 Ba | 1,964 sqft
  • Sold on 5/13/2024 for $524,000 98-410 Koauka Loop, 8F 2 Bd | 1 Ba | 842 sqft
  • Sold on 5/13/2024 for $1,100,000 98-179 Kauhihau Place 8 Bd | 4 Ba | 3,368 sqft
  • Sold on 5/10/2024 for $495,000 98-282 Kaonohi Street, 204 2 Bd | 1 Ba | 910 sqft