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Oahu’s North Shore could be called ”the land of plenty" as in there’s plenty to do and see as you live and play in this spectacular countryside bordering the Pacific Ocean, and Haleiwa is the bustling beach town at its core. Brimming with shrimp trucks, surf shops, and local flavor, Haleiwa is the cultural center of the North Shore of Oahu.


Along the northern shores from Kahuku Point to the tip of Kaena Point, the Northern Pacific pounds Oahu’s coastline and is the driving force behind life of the North Shore. Swimming, snorkeling, fishing, sailing, scuba diving, and surfing are popular recreational activities for residents of the area.

A softer, mellow nightlife dominates the North Shore, compared to the intense nightlife in Oahu’s Honolulu, with Haleiwa as the gastronomic, social, and arts center. Art galleries, restaurants, boutiques and surfboard shops bound. Although a quieter area of Oahu, the North Shore becomes a pretty busy area from early to mid-winter with surfing competitions and increased tourist traffic.

Residential life focuses on condominiums, beach houses in some of the smaller, idyllic and quiet communities and homes overlooking some of most scenic areas in the world. A tangle of smaller, laid back communities offer a much more relaxed lifestyle than might be found in the island’s main city, Honolulu. 


This popular North Shore neighborhood is showing Median List Prices at historic highs, reflected by both low supply and high demand.  There is much less inventory than other areas of the island, which leads to higher prices for SFHs and lower sales.

Waimea Bay offers rock jumping and swimming in the summer and massive waves in the winter.

Vibrant local culture and majestic natural landscapes blend seamlessly in Haleiwa

The North Shore is an oasis in the hustle and bustle of Oahu.  Being able to visit the North Shore is a treat and being able to live on the North Shore feels like a gift.
Carolina C., North Shore Resident

Haleiwa: Come for the surfing, stay for the turtles

Haleiwa was designated a state historic, cultural and scenic district in 1984. It's laid back lifestyle can still be felt amidst the hustle and bustle of daily country life. Residents and visitors alike enjoy all the beauty North Shore has to offer.
D. Sato, North Shore Resident