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Diamond Head Office 614 Kapahulu Avenue, Suite 200Honolulu, HI 96815

Yukiko is well known for her commitment & dedication to exceeding her clients expectations. She puts her client's interest's first, enabling them to negotiate the homes of their dreams, and or sell their properties at top price.

Yukiko has been a world traveler, being raised in Kobe, Japan and graduating from Sophia University in Tokyo. Yukiko speaks three languages, English, German, and Japanese and chose to make Hawaii her home in 1995, after marrying her husband Shawn. She has instilled the values of hard work in her three sons, 21, 19, and 16, who are now attending Harvard University, Claremont McKenna College, and Punahou School. She also believes that you have to treat people right, "Always be kind and gracious. Good deeds do come back to you!"

Having lived in Hawaii over 22 years, Yukiko has a unique understanding of Hawaii's culture, people and residential real estate environment. Having lived also in Europe and Japan, and travelled throughout the world, she brings a unique perspective and vision to her clients. No one will work harder on behalf of their clients than she will. Attention to detail and working extremely hard for her clients are the two qualities that she is most proud of. Yukiko is honored & appreciative to be able to help people achieve their real estate goals.

Yukiko enjoys Yoga and playing the piano. She has two dogs, Kaui and Pua, and likes to watch sports, especially when her sons are playing!

"I believe that hard work, perseverance and faith are the keys to success and a fulfilling life. I am inspired by those that selfishly work for others and those that work hard at perfecting their skill or craft. The thrill of seeing and helping others achieve their dreams and succeed inspires me and brings me great satisfaction. I look forward to working for you.” - Yukiko



ブレディー由起子 携帯:808−542−8398

メール :yukiko.brady@locationshawaii.com




Yukiko helps her clients reach sucess

"Yukiko was amazing. She was very patient and hard working. She always made time for us, and kept us motivated. It was a absolute pleasure working with Yukiko and we will work with her again!!! "
Roy & Jen

"Yukiko is really professional realtor. I strongly recommend Yukiko to my friends. I also ask her in the future. Thank you."
Tadashi & Minako  

"Yukiko went above and beyond to help us buy a house. She showed extreme patience, especially since we were VA buyers, and limited in our choices.

She was always positive, and enthusiastic, even after four straight offers fell through. But she gave us the energy and will to persevere, and she found a house for us!  Yukiko's administrative and communication talents are immense. We were never late on paperwork, because she kept us on track. She texted, called or emailed almost every day, especially when we had an accepted offer. She was on top of everything, and anticipated every situation with amazing foresight, and contingencies.

Our house-buying journey was filled with many challenges, but the bottom line was that Yukiko always kept Jen and me "up." Her positive attitude was inspiring, and she treated us more like family than clients. We are indebted and eternally grateful to Yukiko for making our dream of owning a house come true."

"We asked Yukiko Brady to represent us because we had heard positive things about her professionalism. Right from the beginning of our lengthy transaction, Yukiko always made us feel important and taken care of. We had to be mindful of the timeline and Yukiko always kept an eye on each deadline and worked with others (lender, escrow, seller) to stay on track.

There were many times when I needed to ask her questions (sometimes even unrelated to our transaction) and she was always knowledgeable and able to get me an answer. She knew every step of the process right from shopping, to making an offer, to negotiating, to escrow, and finally, closing. Yukiko is definitely a person with integrity and honesty. She was unique in the fact that she always did what she said she would, she followed through, and she was always honest"
Camas and Curt

"Met Yukiko for the first time during my transaction. My initial impression of her professionalism was so overwhelming that I immediately, without any hesitation, made my decision for her to be my agent. Besides displaying all the qualities of a professional such as knowledge, being polite , being courteous, etc., her "above and beyond" performance was incredible. She had the ability to make us feel like she was part of the family and do what was best for us."
Alex and Sachi