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Diamond Head Office 614 Kapahulu Avenue, Suite 200Honolulu, HI 96815

Born and raised in Paris, Simone grew up in a family of restaurateurs. Both her parents are chefs and first-generation immigrants in France. As the oldest of three children, Simone she was exposed to the responsibility to build and take on her family’s legacy from a very young age. In fact, at just four years old, she could be found washing dishes at the bar sink and acting as the restaurant’s mascot. After high school, she turned down the opportunity to take over her family’s business, choosing a different path for herself.

Fierce and tenacious in her pursuit of success and happiness, Simone’s desire to give back to her family by buying a new home for her parents and siblings has fueled her drive to succeed. Simone has traveled the world, and worked in many capacities in the hospitality industry for more than a decade, which allowed her to develop tremendous people skills. She is highly intuitive, considerate, authentic and sincere when helping her clients. 

Food, travels, dogs are some of the things she takes interest in, as well as Feng Shui, dance and yoga, all help her live a balanced and harmonious lifestyle. Fluent in French and Mandarin, with a remarkable capacity to understand several different languages, her skills allow her to connect easily with individuals from all walks of life. Simone quickly realized that she would excel in the real estate industry, where she could help people live their ideal lifestyle by becoming homeowners or just providing them with the sufficient information to help them make the best decision for themselves. She shows genuine care and integrity in every relationship she forms. When you work with her, you’ll be her number one priority. Your needs, goals and dreams come first, and she will use her resources efficiently to help you make it happen for you and your family.


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"Simone, is a honest, kind, trustworthy individual, who truly cares about others. She is understanding and listens very well to what others have to say. Simone will often help others to the best of her abilities.

She's an open person with excellent communication skills, willing to go that extra mile for others especially when it is such a huge investment and life changing event as buying or selling your property."
- Friend/Client 

"Simone was a great pleasure to work with! Buying property was a new experience for me, so I had many different worries and fears going into the process to match my excitement of the search. Simone was very friendly, charismatic, and extremely thorough. She addressed all of my concerns and worries during the process, and even things I had not thought of she made aware to me. Communication was great and lightning fast, information was available quickly in regard to any question asked, and the stress relief from having her as my agent was unparalleled. he made the first-time home buying process a great experience, which is exactly what it should be! I will absolutely be returning back to Simone for the next time I decide to buy property. "-Past client/Friend 

'I have worked with Simone Fontet for over a year now.

She has made my life easy in our transition from europe to Hawaii in regards to finding me a new home as a 2nd residence and also a satellite office for my hospitality firm on the Big Island. If you are every in need of an efficient, no nonsense agent to help you with relocation, business or personal needs for your transition to Hawaii, I greatly recommend that you contact Simone Fontet....she will take exceptional care of you."

-Friend/Client - Leo Wright - Partner Concept Hotel Group - Amsterdam