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Diamond Head Office 614 Kapahulu Avenue, Suite 200Honolulu, HI 96815
(808) 732-8472

client service award 2017 Locations Award Winners

"Being a girl with four younger brothers in an Asian household, my father placed the household responsibilities upon myself after I completed the six grade. On the other hand, my mom had a different plan. She opened the door and told me "go where you can, do what can, and be what you want". I've been to many places, done many things, and am doing what I love." - Sandie Choe-Yamasato

Sandie Choe is a product of the baby boomer generation. She has great concern for her later stage in life regarding real estate property, as most of us do. Therefore, she became a member of the Senior Real Estate Specialist Council to assist seniors or families with seniors in need of real estate property transactions. All Oahu: single- family homes, condominiums, vacant lands. Luxury Estates, and Luxury Condominiums.

Sandie Choe is a witness to the past 40 years of Oahu's unique island real estate market trends. She has profited from the real estate market and is familiar with the various real estate trends, which enabled her to assist others make a very lucrative profit as well. Sandie Choe's very first purchase was in 1980 - - a condominium with a three-year agreement of sale at 16% interest. About ten years later the subject property doubled its value.

Three decades ago, there was a single mom whom was working seven days a week long hours trying to save up for her two young children. With the savings, the single mom was lead by Sandie Choe's recommendation to purchase a small house and rent out the main part of it. The mom and her children happily occupied a tiny space of that house while the mortgage payment was compensated from her tenant's rent. When real estate market went up, Sandie Choe recommended that the reluctant hard working mom utilized a home equity loan to purchasing her next real estate property. Today, she is a multi-millionaire.

One day, Sandie Choe asked a young couple how much longer they planned to pay for their landlord's mortgage, and they insisted that they were paying rent. After Sandie Choe educated the wife, she quickly convinced her husband the "American Dream" of owning a home and they purchased a small 3-bedroom house. A few years later, the couple purchased a small condominium with a home equity loan. With the real estate market up again they recently invested in a luxury condominium and are currently waiting and watching their new home being built. Sandie Choe's grandmother once said "The land will not grow but the value will increase". And indeed, it has done just that. Sandie Choe has many more successful stories to tell. Wouldn't you like Sandie Choe to tell your success story next?