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Michael Marks

REALTOR-ASSOCIATE,VP of Client Engagement


Diamond Head Office 614 Kapahulu Avenue, Suite 200Honolulu, HI 96815

It sounds a little strange...but for as long as I can remember, I have always had a distinct interest in real estate.  The particular element about it that intrigued me, is the concept that owning property gives you the rare combination of having an investment vehicle that allows you to build wealth for yourself, and at the same time provides stability and shelter for you and your family.   

With that in mind....my career in real estate began straight out of college in 2004 when I partnered with a family member to form a real estate start up in Bend, Oregon, that was focused on integrating internet technology into an industry that, up to that point, was very protective of property information, and focused on face-to-face relationships.  Internet technology opened the door for property information to be shared publicly, and for new relationships to be established between online consumers and agents who focused their business online.  It was a great business venture, but being born and raised on Oahu...Oregon got old pretty quickly.  I started planning to move back to the islands, but the knowledge I gained about marketing properties online, generating web based real estate leads, and the expectations of the E-consumer have been foundational elements that I have built upon for the rest of my career.

In 2006, I was able to relocate back home and became manager of the BrokersMLS (BMLS) Internet Sales Program at Locations, the largest locally owned and operated real estate company in Hawaii.  The focus of this sales team centered around building relationships and engaging in real estate transactions with individuals who registered on our company website, LocationsHawaii.com.  

When I first joined Locations there were a total of 14 agents on Oahu participating in the BMLS team, but through enhancements that I spearheaded regarding enhancing our lead flow, lead distribution approaches, and improved lead conversion, I have grown the program to currently include 70+ agents on all major Hawaiian Islands.

From a sales standpoint, if the BMLS program was viewed as its own standalone real estate company, the amount of transactions that we generate with the internet leads that we bring in would place my program as one of the 10 largest real estate brokerages on Oahu.  In my tenure managing this sales team, I have helped to generate over $1.3 billion in real estate transactions.

In 2015 I was promoted to Vice President of Client Engagement at Locations and expanded the scope of my position to include managing the Locations’ Call Center, the Locations' Paid Training Program, overseeing our Retail Prospecting Program, and serving as a Sales Coach which entails providing strategic counsel to agents on business planning, skill building, and personal and career development. In addition, I am also actively involved with sales skills training for all new agents to Locations and providing ongoing skill building and sales skills development for experienced agents.




“Michael is a remarkable leader within our firm and we are thrilled to see him take the next step in his career.  As vice president of client engagement, we are confident that Michael will continue to grow key business functions and develop agents to give our customers a clear advantage in the real estate market.”

Bill Chee--CEO of Locations


"I've personally had the opportunity to work on a team headed by Michael Marks and can say with confidence that he's a very skillful leader who utilizes his keen insight into people to draw out the best from each individual.  It's easy to see that Mike possesses a strong work ethic, sharp business acumen, and is a creative thinker and excellent problem solver who approaches challenges with a goal-oriented mindset.  An all-around professional, he is without question a key asset and valuable contributor to his organization."

Jim Hogarty--(RA)


“Mike has a unique ability to listen, understand, and steer conversations towards achieving real estate goals. He also helps us critique and improve our own conversations as we get more comfortable making sales calls. He is very forward thinking in the technological advancements of our time and utilizes this to help make our jobs easier and more successful. He is a great mentor for our team and our company is lucky to have him.”

Benjamin Fieman--(RA), MBA


Michael Marks is a valuable resource here at Locations.  As the Vice President of Client Engagement, Michael has not only improved our online presence, but has taken our level of client service beyond expectations.  Here at Locations, we pride ourselves by giving our customers a clear advantage in the Real Estate Market and with Michael's proven programs, we are definitely ahead of the game.  His intuition and selfless desire proves why we are where we are as a company.  Locations' and Agent's success is due to a big part in the programs Michael Marks established.  Thank you Mike!

Cory Takata--(RA), SRES



Its been a true pleasure to work under Michael Marks coaching. He is fun and easy going, but at the same time direct and gives tough love when I need it.  His Call Center trainings are amazing!  I’ve learned how to call clients and gained a whole lot of confidence for my personal business in the way I speak to and interact with my clients.  I don’t have to think or worry about what to say anymore, it all just flows naturally and has become part of my daily vocabulary.   Michaels training taught me not to be afraid of difficult situations, because  I can always bring my questions to a coach who is always so responsive to my needs and finds the answers quickly.  I love Michael’s encouraging personality.  The way he talks builds people up and never drags me down.

I am very happy to have Michael Marks as my mentor and be under his management at the Call Center.

Nataliya Onischenko--(RA)