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Jeremy Mateo was born and raised (most of his life) on the island of Oahu by his two loving parents.  Both his mother and father were great examples of hard working citizens starting from nothing and working their way to being successful.  His father, now a retired Major in the Army, was one of Jeremy's biggest influences growing up as he would always tell him, "Nothing in life is easy, but if you work hard enough, anything is possible."  His mother, who is also a licensed agent, was the main reason why Jeremy decided to earn his real estate license at the young age of 19.

After graduating from James Campbell high school, Jeremy attended the University of California, Irvine.  Jeremy really enjoyed his experiences in California, but after missing Hawaii's beautiful environment and delicious food, he decided to transfer to the University of Hawaii, Manoa and pursue business.  While seeing his mother become very successful in the real estate industry, Jeremy was very inspired.  He earned his real estate license during his sophomore year of college and soon began his career part time with Island Realty Group, LLC while finishing his degree.

It wasn't until 2017, after graduating from college, Jeremy decided to join Locations and begin his full time real estate career. Despite being new to the Locations ohana, Jeremy is very confident and eager to help anyone with their real estate needs. Although he is at a young age, don't let it fool you! Jeremy believes what sets him apart from other agents is that because he is so young, he has all the time AND energy to dedicate himself to helping his clients with service that goes ABOVE and BEYOND.

In his spare time, Jeremy engages in numerous fun hobbies and adventures. He loves to travel to different places of the world while also enjoys the outdoors and listening to music. From going on hikes, lounging at the beach, to even surfing. If he's not outdoors, then he is probably practicing for his next DJ gig under the alias "DirtyJermz" at many of Honolulu's hottest night clubs.


"Jeremy did a fantastic job!  Our family was in a rough situation and needed to sell our house quick!  He was able to put our house on the market and get it into escrow in only 8 days!  Thanks to him, we were able to solve our problems and will soon be able to buy another house with Jeremy!" -Charity Santabarbara