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We live in one of the most desirable locations on earth. Everyone wants to either vacation, live, or own property here. But being on an island means that we have a  limited number of homes that are available to purchase as the result of our ocean's natural boundaries. The net outcome? Hawaii is a consistent habitat for an extremely robust, and active real estate market.

Real estate is a business of passion. Those who have this passion, find the real estate market here on Oahu, a large part of their lives. Whether it is purchasing your first family home knowing that this is where your children will be brought up during their impressionable lives, or you are an expert investor who bought a Waikiki condo back in the 1980s, and have so much equity built up that you can now sell it, and in turn, buy 2 new investment properties. Real estate on Oahu, is a representation of life.

I love real estate. Always did. My first experience was purchasing a home in the West Loch Estates back in 1989 as a single man. Back then, Ewa was still a rural, sugar cane filled, agricultural area. I remember playing a lot of golf back in those days (West Loch Golf Course) and experiencing charred black sugar cane ash blowing onto the course and seeing the distinct dark clouds of smoke from the vast cane fields being burnt around us. I once even saw a beautiful male pheasant adorned in a plume of green, blue, brown, purple, and a hint of orange, fly over my car as I drove on Fort Weaver Road. I would take drives down Renton Road and patronize the Post Office there, which was a throwback to the plantation days. Living in Ewa at that time was a memorable part of my life with such vivid memories. Something to this day, I still treasure.

Then came family life which prompted a need to move into town. With a new bride I envisioned the impending need to be closer to schools, grandparents, and to cut commute time down (Kapolei Second City wasn't developed back then), I decided it would be a great time to make a move into town. This was back in the mid 1990's. We settled on East Oahu. We spent 13 years living in that particular home. It was the home that my kids, in particular, have some of the most indelible memories etched into their young minds. Memories of visiting neighbors unannounced and playing with their dogs because they were little toddlers and can do that kind of stuff. Buying a Flexa Bed, and going up and down the slide (the kids, not me) that was part of the bed system before going to sleep, completely worn out. Or having the neighbors come over to the house, in the middle of the night, cooking on a portable butane gas stove anything we could find because of the Big Island Earthquake. But, as they grew a little older and bigger, these needs prompted another move.

So, we moved from the home we lived in for 13 memorable years, down from the hill, to a flat area which was closer to the beach. Although we loved where we were, I began to realize that the desire for a more suitable lifestyle changed our real estate needs. Our old home was perched on a steep hill and did not afford us the ability to walk a dog, ride a bike, or take leisure walks around the neighborhood. This fact hit me when I saw my young son, riding his tricycle up and down our driveway which was only the length of about 10 yards. It was at this time, I knew that life's circumstances necessitated a move for my family.

So we moved about 3 miles away, down off the hill. And let me tell you, it was the best decision I've ever made. We currently live in this home and it has been about 10 years now. This neighborhood is completely opposite of our prior home. It is on flat land. It is close to the beach. It doesn't have much breeze or wind (therefore noticeably hotter). It doesn't have a security gate and check point. And there are no ocean views. But we love it. Immediately upon moving in, we got a family dog. We all bought bikes to ride around the neighborhood. And, we walked to the beach on a regular basis to fish, dive, or just play around on the beach during the really hot and humid summer days.

Now that the kids are getting older and college is around the corner, it makes me wonder where will life's circumstances take me next? Will I eventually move into a condo as an empty nester? Or maybe downsize to a smaller home since they kids will be away? Or, maybe keep the current home, to hold for the future generations to pass on to, thus giving them a leg up on life. Whatever the case may be, I'm looking forward to what the future may hold. And whatever the case may be, my passion and love for real estate will continue to be an integral part of my life.