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Locations Referral Corporation

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As an affiliate of Leading Real Estate Companies of the World,® our brokerage is a global — not just local — real estate company working on your behalf. LeadingRE provides world-class marketing and resources, allowing us to provide the very best service.  This extensive global network comprised of the best real estate companies provides us with the largest, most extensive referral network on Earth.  

Leading RE Referrals by the Numbers

  • 41% of referrals placed through LeadingRE close - more than double the national average
  • 120,000 agents in our network are ready to deliver the same incredible service you deliver to your clients.
  • Average price of a referral in our network is $350,000 - the national average is $180,000.

Reasons to Join: 

  • Enjoy 90% of the referral commission
  • A competitive referral commission structure
  • Minimal effort
  • Let a qualified realtor who will abide by a high level of standard and commitment do all the work
  • Unlimited income potential
  • Stay in touch with your network
  • No E&O payment
  • No HBR Dues


  1. You MUST maintain an Active real estate license
  2. Call the LRC Administrator at 738-3274 or fill out and fax in our application form.
  3. All referrals transacted on the island where there is a Locations LLC office in operation, will be made to Locations LLC Business Development Department.
  4. Provide the client information
  5. Get PAID! Receive your 90% of the referral fee, for the referred side, upon the close of a successful transaction.