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Home Selling FAQs

Get acclimated to the home selling process

How do I Choose an Agent?

When selecting an agent, an excellent source is your family and friends. They may have sold a property in the past and can refer you to an agent they found to be capable.  Selling a home is a complex transaction. An agent’s experience should be a consideration.  Also consider agents who work for larger companies, as they tend to offer more extensive training.   Locations has the most comprehensive agent training in Hawaii. Locations agents are trained to the highest standards to serve both Seller’s and Buyer’s needs.   

What are the Costs Involved?

Sellers don’t incur any fees until their home sells.  These fees can vary depending on the type of property and what is negotiated in the sale. Your Locations Agent will provide an estimated closing statement to give you a clear picture of what is to be paid as part of the sale.  Some Seller costs may include:

Some costs include:

  • ½ of Escrow fees
  • Termite inspection
  • Survey
  • Sales Commission

What are the Steps Involved in Selling my Home?

Selling your home involves many steps, from consultation to pricing, marketing to escrow. View our Seller's Process for more details.

How are Buyers Attracted to my Property?

You will work with your Locations listing agent to develop a marketing plan to attract as many potential buyers, and agents with buyers as possible.  Locations’ marketing methods include:

  • Properly pricing the property
  • Internet (LocationsHawaii.com, + over 900 real estate sites in the US and Internationally)
  • Yard Signs
  • Newspaper Advertising
  • Full-color emails to potential Buyers who have already expressed an interest in a property like yours
  • Full-color emails to agents who represented previous buyers in your neighborhood or condominium
  • Brokers Open Houses
  • Public Open Houses
  • Special Open Houses for neighbors

What Factors can Influence the Price of my Home?

You want your home to sell for the highest price possible, in the shortest time.  This maximized your net proceeds.

Here are some factors that influence the price of your home:

  • Current real estate market conditions
  • The expertise and market knowledge of your Locations agent
  • Characteristics such lot size, square footage and condition of your home
  • Desirability factors, including location, special amenities and property attributes
  • The appearance of your home, for example: lack of clutter, clean carpet, fresh paint
  • Recent sales prices of comparable homes in the area
  • A sophisticated real estate marketing plan
  • Your level of motivation

Conditions that do not affect the price of your home

  • The net profit you wish to make from the sale
  • The amount of money spent on most improvements
  • The original price you paid for your home

What is my Role in the Selling Process?

The seller plays an important role in the home selling process. Here are some ways your participation can contribute to a successful sale:

  • Maintain the property well
  • Ensure the property is easily accessible for showings and Open House
  • Communicate - let your Locations agent know how to best contact you
  • Remove or lock up valuables
  • Secure pets
  • Limit conversations with prospective buyers and other real estate agents