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Crafting a Marketing Strategy with your Agent

How to work with your agent to highlight the unique aspects of your home.

The days of plopping a “for sale” sign on the front lawn and waiting for offers to roll in are over. In fact, Realtors® today are augmenting their tried-and-true home-selling strategies with enhanced demographic analysis.

Determining who the likely buyers will be for a property, positioning the home to specifically appeal to those buyers and carefully pricing the property are all critical to gaining a competitive advantage.

Attract the greatest number of qualified buyers

Most of the time, achieving this goal results in the highest and best selling price. Your Locations agent will start with a comprehensive marketing plan that details recommendations of “must-do” and “would-be-nice-to-do” improvements, along with a strategy to expose the property to the greatest number of potential buyers.

The Research Department at Locations is dedicated to taking the guesswork out of selling your home. To determine where potential buyers will most likely coming from, we analyze years of data. Once your agent understands the mobility patterns of your prospective homebuyers, such as whether the buyer in a particular neighborhood is coming from within that same neighborhood, other parts of Oahu, Asia or the Mainland, they can develop a plan to specifically target that segment of buyers.

Your agent can also identify what type of buyer might be interested in your home — investors, first-timers, those looking to downsize, looking to upgrade, looking for a retirement home or a fixer-upper. This knowledge, specifically tailored to your property, will zero in on how to best prepare your home to meet that buyer’s needs.

A lot goes into preparing your home for sale

With tighter lending standards, there are certain issues that can prevent a new loan being issued for the purchase of your home. Some of these issues, if you knew about them upfront, could be addressed so they don’t pose a problem down the road. Locations will review your situation to ensure there is no likely cause for loan denial. There are numerous “non-conforming” attributes that can cause difficulties.

One example, is the case of a buyer who couldn’t get a loan because the electrical wiring had not been properly permitted and wasn’t up to code. Locations agents can help you to avoid potential headaches like this or find a solution.  

There is no "one-size-fits-all" marketing plan that's guaranteed to work on every transaction. Your Locations agent help you to craft a strategy that works for your home.