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Moving Checklist

Congratulations on your new home! Here are some tips for your upcoming move.

You just closed on your new home, Congratulations!  Once you're done with your well-earned celebration, it's time to make your house a home.  When it comes to moving, the more you plan, the better.  Ideally, you should start getting everything organized and ready about one month before closing.  Use this checklist to schedule and keep track of what you need to do throughout the process.  

One Month Before Moving

  • Place all financial, legal, medical, insurance & tax records in a safe and accessible place
  • Make truck rental reservations or arrangements with a moving company (even if the date changes, it’s likely you will be given priority because you prearranged with them)
  • If using a moving company: packing  & unpacking labor, arrival day, various shipping papers, method and time of expected payment
  • Gather moving supplies-boxes, tape, rope, scissors, black markers, pocket knife
  • If moving far away, make any necessary travel arrangements like airline, hotel, rental car
  • Save all moving receipts – many are tax deductible
  • If you have pets, find out the process and paperwork, if any, that will be needed

One Week Before Moving

  • Firm up moving dates best you can, remember closing dates often change during escrow
  • Confirm reservations and/or moving day help
  • Plan for special care needs of infants and/or pets
  • Obtain enough money or Traveler’s Checks to cover cost of moving services, meals, etc.
  • If traveling: Make sure you have tickets, charge cards or Traveler’s Checks
  • If driving: Check oil and fill up on gas in your car
  • Begin using the items in your freezer
  • Arrange with condo or other associations about access and getting your name on the roster, keys, openers, rules on trash, boxes, elevator, hours of work/noise etc…

Arrange Old and New:

  • Keys, Openers
  • Medical, Dental, Prescriptions
  • Utilities: Electricity, Gas, Water, Telephone, Cable (contact info enclosed)
  • Bank Account
  • School Registration
  • Gardner
  • House Keeper
  • Pool Cleaner

Moving Day

  • Get moving items: truck, boxes, tape, rope, scissors, black markers, pocket knife
  • Personally attend to your valuables
  • Empty freezer
  • Double check all closets, cupboards and drawers
  • Leave keys, garage openers

After Moving

Change of Address:

  • Post Office
  • Banks
  • Credit Card Companies
  • Subscriptions: Magazine, Newspaper
  • Friends & Relatives
  • Employers
  • Schools
  • Voter Registration
  • Driver’s License and Car Registration
  • Insurance: Car, Life Medical, Dental
  • Church, Activity Clubs
  • People you receive monies from
  • IRS 1-800-829-3676

If you're moving from out of state:

  • Register car within 5 days after arrival to avoid new plate penalties
  • Apply for Driver’s License