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Real Estate Success Stories from Military Buyers in Hawaii

Veteran’s Day is upon us, and I’m in a reflective mood. I’ve been fortunate to help a variety of military service members and their families to buy or sell a home over the years, and I can truly say that our active-duty and retired military members are a big part of what makes Hawaii a unique place to make a life!

Happy Military Client

Among the many military members I've helped, a few in particular stand out: The newly arrived Coast Guard Chief, who was ready to buy his first home for his growing family; the veteran who was able to use his VA benefits to buy a home and stop throwing his rent money out the window; or the retired Air Force officer, whose family had grown so much that he need more room for his extended ohana (family) to help with the children. Our diverse military population adds an amazing dynamic to our island home in many ways!

I have also gained a great deal of appreciation for the VA financing benefit--it can literally help set eligible buyers on the path to financial freedom.

Ohana For instance, here in Hawaii, VA buyers receive some of the best VA financing benefits in the country. Depending on an individual’s personal needs, I’ve been able to help them purchase properties they can live in now and rent out later should they be transferred. They'll also have a home in Hawaii that they can return to some day (folks often fall in love with the islands and want to retire here). Or, the home has grown enough in equity that they can sell it and paying cash for a home at their next assignment. What a great benefit they are provided for their service to our country! A very well deserved benefit, I’d like to add.

Windward Retirement Home

So, this Veteran’s Day, I’d like to say "thank you" for your service and thank you for your trust in me. I know Locations has your best interests in mind, with their leading-edge technology, such as our mobile app or our neighborhood expert updates. We give you the added advantage you need in this very competitive market. And thank you also for working with me, Carmen Gonzalez. We are, as our company motto says, “Better Together”….Mahalo nui’ loa!