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Locations Foundation: Bringing Sustainability to the Classroom

The 2nd Annual Locations Foundation Legacy Project at Keone'ula Elementary

The Locations Foundation Legacy Projects focus on positively influencing Hawaii’s youth, educating them on environmental sustainability, and giving them the tools to put all of these great ideas into action. The mission statement of our Legacy Project is “E kulia a hana pono,” or “to strive and do good,”….and this past weekend at Keone’ula Elementary School in Ewa Beach, we definitely accomplished that goal.

The scope of this event is massive. The concept and planning for this year’s event began months ago, but on March 8, all of the thoughts and ideas were put into action. With a $25,000 donation from the Locations Foundation, the 54 Prudential Locations' agents, staff and family members, 15 members of the Campbell High School ROTC program, 20 volunteers from the Youth Challenge Academy, and children, parents, and staff from Keone’ula Elementary came together and built an outdoor sustainability education center and cleaned up the campus.

Locations Foundation volunteers (photo by Prudential Locations agent Kengo Ueno)

Brandon Lau, DJ Dole, James Chan, Jodee Farm, Judy Kumano, Kathy Pang, Kengo Ueno, Kristin Mukai, Michael Marks, Russell Nishimoto, Shannon Smith, Sherrie Kuroda, Tom Presler, Toan Doran, Andrew Leong, April Luga, Ayumi Yamane, Bob Cowan, Bryan Balisacan, Cheryl Nekota, Colin Shinsato, Gary and Tammy Murakami, Jason Lee, Jema Geronimo, Jocelyn Negranza, Jodie Tamaye, John Jacobson, Kara Romersa, Kent Gearhiser, Kimi Sarroca-Shimabukuro, Kris Kim, Krissy Okumura-Hanashiro, Lee Wang, Liela Garcia, Linda Toki, Lori Sharpe, Melvin Leon Guerrero, Merrily Luke, Monalisa Sabo, Nancy O’Grady, NoeLani Gaylord, Sean Sonoda, Tom Mukai and Wade Uehara

At the End of the Day, We accomplished a Lot!

  • Built five customer planter boxes so each grade can grow vegetables and plants.
  • Overhauled and cleaned up the worm bin area, making harvesting the vermicast fertilizer that’s used to nourish the vegetables and native plants easier and more efficient.
  • Cleaned and added gravel to the aquaponics system and installed an irrigation system to water the Native Hawaiian garden.

And to top it off, with the amazingly selfless contribution of both time and money from Russell Luke at Na Ke Akua Construction Company, we were able to construct a large outdoor hale that allows the teachers to provide hands-on, outdoor instruction for their students without being subjected to the ever present Ewa Beach sun. The education center demonstrates the importance of sustainability to the students at Keone’ula Elementary and it shows them first-hand what the land around their homes can provide to them if they make good use of it.

But we weren’t done yet! In addition to the education center, we were able to help spruce up the Keone’ula campus as a whole. This included:

  • Cleaning and touching up the campus playground equipment.
  • Re-painting both of the parking lots on campus (the first time since the school was built).
  • Beautifying the artistic sundial in the center of the campus.
  • Cleaning and weeding the gardens.


(photo by Prudential Locations agent Kengo Ueno)

Unveiling of the Outdoor Sustainability Education Center

We were too tired to celebrate at the end of the workday, but we would like to extend the invitation from the Locations Foundation ohana to anyone who would like to join us at the public “reveal” day when we unveil these fantastic upgrades at Keone’ula Elementary.

Drop by the Keone’ula campus this Saturday, March 15 at 9:00, for a tour of the grounds and to see the new garden and outdoor education center. There will be food, drinks, and entertainment available, with the proceeds going back to Keone’ula Elementary.

I’d personally like to thank all the volunteers who gave their time, effort and sweat to complete this great project. Complement this with the generous financial donation by the Locations Foundation and the donation by Russell Luke at Na Ke Akua Construction Company, and you have the recipe to make a huge difference for a school and a whole community.


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