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Locations Foundation Sets a Record: 5th Annual United Cerebral Palsy Clothing Drive

Locations Foundation Donates Over 5,800 Pounds of Clothing

It is truly remarkable to see, first hand, the positive impact that a single company can have when it comes to supporting a local charity.  

This statement really hit home for me the afternoon of Saturday, June 22, as I added up the final weight of the clothing that was donated to the United Cerebral Palsy Association of Hawaii (UCP) by the agents and staff of Prudential Locations. This year’s drive was the fifth consecutive year that the Locations Foundation, the not-for-profit arm of Prudential Locations, supported UCP’s fundraising efforts, and it was by far the biggest to date. Last year's drive we raised over 3,500 pounds of clothing, and we set our sights on 4,000 pounds this year. All told, we obliterated that goal and donated 5,802 pounds of clothes to UCP, which they re-sell to generate income to support their research and programs!

Mahalo to our Prudential Locations agents who donated 5,802 pounds of clothing to United Cerebral Palsy!

The amount of thought and effort that went into generating such a large donation was tremendous, and extremely creative. Many Prudential Locations REALTORS® reached out to their clients, friends, and families and a number of our property managers received donations from tenants who were moving out. Children of Prudential Locations staff members asked their friends at school for donations, and word of the clothing drive was shared and tweeted on Facebook and Twitter.

The Largest Clothing Drive Ever for UCP

In addition, the Locations Foundation will make a cash donation to UCP of $1 for each pound of clothing we donated. Between the cash donation from the Locations Foundation and the donated clothing, this event truly has a tremendous impact. In fact, according to Nancy Sandell, UCP’s Foundation Manager, "Your event was the single largest clothing drive that UCP has ever picked up. I can’t tell you how much it means to us to have the support of the wonderful group at Prudential Locations. This was a truly amazing effort.” 


I'm amazed by the level of commitment and support demonstrated by the agents and staff of Prudential Locations for this event. It is really remarkable to see the impact that local businesses can have on local charities with a little bit of effort and ingenuity. Thanks to all who participated in this year’s clothing drive. If all goes well, we will be back again next year with a bigger and better drive to support UCP!

The Locations Foundation donated the most clothing in the history of United Cerebral Palsy's clothing drive


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