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Meet Tiffany Kekumu, a seasoned real estate agent with an impressive seven-year track record of closing millions in business transactions. Raised in the beautiful Island of Oahu Hawaii, Tiffany has deep roots in the community and a keen understanding of the local real estate market.

In addition to being a successful professional, Tiffany is a dedicated family person, raising two children with her husband, Gerome. Family time is a top priority for her, and she finds joy in creating memorable moments with her loved ones.

Beyond the realm of real estate, Tiffany has a passion for woodwork and engaging in various do-it-yourself projects. This hands-on approach not only reflects her creative side but also adds a personal touch to her life outside of work.

Tiffany holds a bachelor's degree in business administration, a testament to her commitment to continuous learning and professional development. Her educational background equips her with the knowledge and skills to navigate the complexities of the real estate industry successfully.

Community engagement is another aspect close to Tiffany's heart. She actively participates in volunteering for various community projects, showcasing her dedication to giving back and making a positive impact beyond the world of real estate. With a perfect blend of professionalism, family values, hobbies, and community involvement, Tiffany is not just a real estate agent but a well-rounded individual contributing to the vibrant tapestry of Hawaii.