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Family, honesty and integrity are by far the most important assets, has always been Lanie's motto in life.

She understands that buying and selling real estate is one of the biggest decisions in ones life. She views representation and guidance of her clients through this process as a true privilege. 

Her business is built on dedication, communication, determination and trust, while embodying the ability to cater and adapt to all of her client's real estate needs. Just as the real estate industry evolves to become more innovative and efficient, so does she. Lanie provides exceptional real estate services to ensure you feel confident with your decision to hire her.

A Sales and Marketing major, Lanie uses her unique negotiating insights to tirelessly advocate for her clients. Whether a seller or buyer, you will appreciate her attention to detail and negotiating skills, helping you visualize and achieve your real estate goals. She offers knowledge of the island that she loves and an intimate understanding of what makes each distinct residential niche so special.

Above all, Lanie values relationships over transactions. Whether it's a starter apartment, investment property, or second home, Lanie provides the same level of unmatched service for all of her buyers and sellers at any stage of their real estate journey.

In her spare time, Lanie enjoys hiking and exploring the beauty of the island. She's passionate about traveling and exploring different states and different countries as she enjoys learning the life of people's culture, lifestyle, traditions and values. Some of the places she has traveled to are Japan, Dominican Republic, Philippines, Korea, Canada, Las Vegas, California, Oregon, Washington, Arizona and outer islands. 

With her travel experiences, there is no other place, in her opinion, on earth like this place called paradise. She says Hawaii is her home and that it truly is the Aloha State. She would love to help you find a piece of paradise to call your own!

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